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Ever drop a box of donuts off with a relator hoping for a referral? You can do better than that – better for you and for the agent!

What agents hunger for is intelligence about their buyers. In fact, in a recent survey Agent Publishing found that realtors value borrower intelligence more than the ability to get the deal done or responsiveness, and much more than the rate.

If you want to build a lasting relationship with an agent, you should start by recognizing that you can have more impact on your realtor than your realtor can for you.

How is this possible? The key is investing in technology so you can use the information in your database. Technology with the power to track it, analyze it, and generate insights.

You should be tracking every customer, because you have access to information realtors can only dream of. If you analyze that intelligence properly, you will know before your relator-partners that the borrower is showing all the signs of being ready for their next transaction. Do you really think your realtor, sending out Christmas cards or periodic emails, is going to know before you when buyers are ready? When it comes to staying in touch, the best most realtors can do is send out Christmas cards and the occasional email. But If if you’re looking in your own database the right way, you will know when your mutual client is ready to purchase their next home. You will beat them to the punch every time.

With technology supplied by Sales Boomerang, you’ll be ahead of the game as new business opportunities come up with your clients, and you can refer the business to the best relator for that business. That surge in referrals will cement relationships with agents.

And your own business will get a jolt of energy: our average client sees a 20% ROI when they roll out Sales Boomerang.

From the agent’s point of view, they can reasonably expect to see twice the number of referrals from you. After all, it’s typical for a borrower to have four transactions in a ten year period, and on average, one of those will be a new home purchase as the customer trades up or moves. Double the referrals from your entire database will add up fast.

In short, with Sales Boomerang, your agents ought to be hearing from you regularly. About 36% of your entire database will trigger an alert every single month. The trick is to find that 36% in real-time as the triggers show up in the data. Contact us to learn how.