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A simple Google search for “mortgage loans online,” “best mortgage rates,” or “best mortgage companies” will instantaneously pull countless options for a consumer to cherry-pick a lender of their choosing.

But, how do you keep up in a sea of options where you're often left feeling like a small fish in a very large pond? 

If you’re trying to figure out the best type of mortgage campaign that will set your team up as a powerhouse and steal every application from your competitors, then look no further. Here are a few ideas on how to get started: 


A good first impression will leave an indelible mark on the future

Creating an eye-catching website will be your first line of defense and will make or break whether or not you can secure a solid lead. Regardless if consumers are ready to acquire a loan today or 90 days down the road, an engaging site will stand out and leave a positive impact. 

You only have 15 seconds” to grab their attention. But how do you captivate borrowers to stay on your site and present your services in such a way that it encourages them to pick up the phone or, better yet, apply for a loan? Or, if the borrower isn’t quite ready to engage, your website could leave a lasting impression. 

Here are recommendations on how to hold your borrower's attention on your website: 

  • Regular updates: don't wait five years or until your company is ready to re-brand refresh your site. On average, companies should update their website every 1.5 to 2.5 years. In between big overhauls, make regular, small updates either to the navigation or the content you post. SEO doesn’t like a stale website. Refresh your latest blog, or better yet, offer new and revelatory expertise about navigating the current market.
  • Write digestible content: get to the point, and avoid soft copy that forces the reader to spend too much time scanning your website for simple answers. It’s better to keep your posts short and sweet. Otherwise, you risk your visitors clicking the button and choosing another lender's website.
  • Call-to-actions should be intuitive (aka keep it simple): a user shouldn't have to search high and low to fill out a form or find the best phone number to reach you. Whatever action you'd like performed, make it simple to navigate and even simpler to execute (the fewer clicks it takes, the better). 
  • Include a succinct headline: tell your readers in less than three sentences the goals you can help them achieve and how you will help them achieve their goals; your genuine intention is everything for a prospect. 


Funnel your energy into knowing your audience  

Coca-Cola and Pepsi sell similar products yet both have established themselves as elite brands and have become household names. We're not implying you should strive for equal name recognition as lending companies with 6 or 7-digit marketing budgets. You can still stand out if you develop a unique, recognizable brand that speaks to your audience. Know what you offer and know what your audience wants. Make sure you convey the unique values you bring to every transaction. 

A household name like Coke or Pepsi could take decades to cultivate (and lots of capital under your belt). However, a lender of any size can propel their brand (and business) with community recognition. Traditional, local marketing methods include:

  • Sponsoring a children's little league team.
  • Staffing a booth at a community fair.
  • Investing in a billboard in your city or state.  

In an industry where many companies have similar brand names, you'll want to ensure your prospects know the difference between ABC Mortgage and you. Take it from Jeremy Forcier from CrossCountryMortgage


HubSpot Video


Write compelling emails

Flooding a prospect's inbox isn't always a surefire way to keep them abreast of the latest news in your industry, and generic email campaigns only do so much. Although it isn't always the fastest way to get the job done, segmenting and creating targeted email campaigns for a prospect is the best way to capture their attention.

If you were to get an email from a lender, what would prevent you from hitting the unsubscribe button, especially if the content is irrelevant? For example, if you are a thirty-year-old first-time single homebuyer, you might find an email about retirement or saving for a child's college irrelevant and unsubscribe from the mailing list altogether. 

Younger generations depend on appealing and relevant content to arrive in their inbox. Otherwise, they will end up in your unengaged contact lists. So give them what they want. Get to know the audience you serve and tailor your emails to fit their needs. You’ll see a lot fewer “do not contact” notifications in your CRM. 


Direct-to-consumer letters

Did you know that direct mail has an open rate of around 90%?  

And 42% of readers scan or read direct mail that they receive. Digital marketing campaigns aren't everything. Digital mail response rates are five to nine times higher than other advertising channels. For instance, Monster Lead Group is a turnkey direct marketing resource invaluable to loan officers and removes the heavy lifting out of cold sales. It uses machine learning to identify the right borrowers. They will craft and tailor messages to these borrowers to help you close more deals. 


Mortgage Marketing Videos

64% of consumers purchase a product after watching a branded video on social media. 

Statistically speaking, your chances of engaging a prospect or borrower will be higher if you start to produce video content. If you aren't sure of where to get started, here are a few ways to begin:

▶️ Watch Now: 10 Videos You Must Create Right Now! 

Mortgage Educational Videos:

Take five minutes, if not now, then later today, and write down a list of questions a borrower might have regarding mortgage loans. You'll likely come up with a hefty list in a few minutes. That list can serve as a starting point for creating helpful content for your borrower. Your videos don't need to be lengthy either. Remember our advice above about writing digestible content on your website? Well, the same goes for videos. We’re talking 30 seconds to five minutes (topic depending) tops. 

Client testimonial videos:

  1. Intentionally pick and choose a customer on their terms so that it feels authentic.
  2. After the closing, ask the client to send you a testimonial video when they have a minute.
  3. Don't coach them; let it be natural.

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Additionally, you can repurpose the content created from these videos by transcribing the testimonials. Cherry-pick the best quote so that you can use it as a headline in your website or next newsletter.   

Local spotlight videos: Go to a local coffee shop and interview a barista or business owner (during a lull, not mid-morning rush). It shows you as an integral part of the community. As a bonus, the business or person you interview will likely share the content you've created on social media channels - a win-win for both sides.


Take your time, construct a plan, then get started

It can be overwhelming to kickstart a campaign, especially when there are so many different types of marketing campaigns out there. We've shortlisted our favorite in hopes that this will get your creative juices flowing. Budget and time constraints will be a huge consideration when preparing a strategy that will be both effective and efficient, but there are many free resources out there.. When resources and time are limited, it's best to choose one technique and one platform you feel you can manage best.

For a smaller budget, you might focus your energy on video campaigns - all you need is a smartphone and social media account. Additionally, you can upcycle your video content by tapping into your CRM to start an email marketing campaign with the videos embedded. Think about it. With this strategy, you get double the touchpoints for each video you produce. 

Suppose you have a little extra padding in your wallet. In that case, you can try a direct-mail marketing campaign or funnel your energy into creating a brand through the use of visuals on a well-maintained website. Note: your website doesn’t have to be expensive. Now, there are a lot of all-in-one website builders out there that won’t deplete you of your budget. 

All in all, stick to being authentic and relaying relevant messages that lets your audience know you understand their worries and pain points. Provide solutions that will ultimately help them succeed and achieve their financial goals.


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