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As volume slows and the mortgage industry shifts to a purchase money market, keeping your borrowers in your pipeline will be increasingly important.

You'll achieve fuller pipelines and improved borrower retention by treating borrowers like friends, all while maintaining a holistic approach to customers' previous loans, current financial state, and future goals.

You'll need to think big when constructing a bulletproof strategy for keeping your mortgage pipeline plentiful. Generic automated messaging won't cut it. It would be best if you had, customized messaging to win (and keep) customers for life. 

Watch Now: [On-Demand Webinar] How to Win Friends and Influence Your Mortgage Pipeline

I want my outreach to cater to the needs of my borrowers.

If you spend your days chasing conversations and hoping that a borrower is in the right place to start a conversation, then you're wasting too much energy selling and not enough time servicing. To eliminate the hunt and the time suck, reach out at the right moment, every time. 

As you tap into borrower intelligence, you can strike up pointed, reciprocal conversations rather than a 1-sided selling strategy (and uncomfortable conversation). Think of automation as having the whole picture — every step of your borrowers’ journeys– right in front of your eyes. When a borrower applies for a loan, all loan officers wish they were psychic.  Instead of staring deep into your crystal ball hoping for a poof of smoke and qualified lead to appear, get alerted every time your borrower is qualified for or searching for a loan.


But how do I go about reaching out? 

Yes, it’s possible to be your customers’ preferred lender. Here’s how you do it: every time you call upon your borrowers, make sure it’s with relevant and customized information. 

Do you do that now? If you are habitually asking yourself, “Do I feel confident in picking up the phone and calling someone? Why am I even  calling these people...I forgot,” then the answer is “No.”

Most consumer direct loan officers spend 3-4 hours daily on the phone reaching out to 10-15 new leads and spending anywhere from 3 to 45 minutes with a prospect. So, how can we streamline this process to help save you time, all while making it seem like you literally have a crystal ball in front of you every time you pick up the phone to have a conversation with your borrowers?   


Teach me to be psychic. I want my crystal ball, now! 

When you leverage an automated borrower retention system like Sales Boomerang, it will scour your' customer databases for missed loan opportunities. By collating and analyzing numerous sources of borrower intelligence — including credit history, property listings, consumer debt load, loan payment history, accumulated home equity, and significant life events — Sales Boomerang helps lenders identify precisely when a past customer is ready and qualified for a loan again. And, in many cases, Sales Boomerang identifies opportunities before the borrower is even aware they are a candidate for a loan or before they have a chance to shop with a competitor. Pretty cool, right?!


Having the data is powerful, but you have to make it actionable.

Sales Boomerang offers 11 alerts (and three reporting options) that your team can leverage. Best of all, all of our alerts go right into your inbox. No need to log into yet another clunky portal that you and your fellow loan officers will never open up.

Here are some examples of alerts mortgage advisors can leverage (+scripts to get the conversation going):


Mortgage Inquiry

Mortgage Inquiry

Get notified when anyone in your database is shopping for a loan with a competitor. Within 24 hours of inquiry, you'll know who and why. 

If you're racking your brain trying to craft  the right way to reach out, here's a sample script that we offer: 

"Hey Kevin, it's Maeve from ABC Mortgage. I wanted to check in with you and see if anything has changed in your financial outlook."

Whether you are trying to consolidate debt, need a new home equity line of credit, pay off existing student loan debt, or perhaps are in the market for a new car, I would like to help you plan for the exciting road ahead. 

Let's review some options. It will be great to catch up and learn more about what is new in your life so I can help you plan for the future.  

Let me know when you're free for a quick conversation. You can get back to me at 123-4567. Have a good one."



Icon_Cash-Out_4x (1)

Deliver a credit-qualified opportunity that allows you to set criteria by loan type (CONV, FHA, VA). Our improved matching and data validation increases the relevance and can help you identify your ideal borrowers who can use the cash in their homes to improve their lives. 

You can then set a minimum amount of credit debt the borrower must have to trigger an alert, establish a minimum value the borrower must have before they are tracked, choose a minimum FICO score the borrower must have, and set an LTV level that the borrower must meet before tracking is initiated. 

Try giving your borrower  a call using this sample script:

"Hey Kevin, it's Maeve from ABC Mortgage. I wanted to let you know that you are credit-qualified and can benefit from taking out cash from your home. It's a great way to pay off other debt, start a new business, or help send a family member to college. Whatever you're looking to do, let's set up some time to talk and see if this opportunity might be right for you at this time. Please give me a call back at 123-4567. Have a great day! "


Plump up your mortgage pipelines and be prepared for any market.

Targeted marketing can only do so much for you when you are trying to beef up your mortgage pipeline. Grabbing the bull by the horns and taking advantage of everyone in your database is essential to ensure applications keep pouring in so you can weather any market.

Remember, borrowers, don't always do a transaction on Day 2. It could happen on day 30 or 50. Simply, it takes time and repetitive, meaningful conversations to foster trust and relationships with your borrowers that last a lifetime. Investing in a tech stack that enables you to look into that crystal ball you’ve always wanted and reach out to your borrowers in real-time with relevant information –every time– will guarantee that your mortgage pipeline is consistent through any market.