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Severe inflation and interest rate hikes as well plummeting refinance opportunities have created some uncertainty among LOs, Realtors, and borrowers alike. While home prices in some major metropolitan areas across the country are beginning to stabilize, one thing’s for certain: the purchase market continues to be hot well after summer and into the foreseeable future, especially as inventory continues to dwindle.

As we begin to transition from a seller's market into a buyer's market, we will soon start to see interest rates fluctuate. So what can you do to remain lucrative in such volatile markets with so many unknowns? It's time to make sure you have the right tools in place for today’s purchase market To begin, take advantage of these popular Sales Boomerang alerts.

Alerts you should be receiving in your inbox 

Life Events  Life Events 

Did you know that life changes are the most significant predictors of a new home purchase? Knowing when your borrower is going through major life events is an opportunity to check in and add value when they're still thinking about the next steps. Becoming a consultative partner/mortgage advisor will position you as the go-to resource when your borrower is making a life-altering decision.

Mortgage Inquiry Mortgage Inquiry Watch

With little inventory on the market, home buyers are ready to jump at a moment's notice when they come across their dream home. Get notified when anyone in your database is shopping for a loan. Within 24 hours of inquiry, you will know exactly who to call and why.

We've even segmented these alerts into three different codes that you will receive, which are: 

  • Likely home buyer or purchase activity
  • Heloc or non-purchase activity
  • General inquiry


Credit Improvement Credit Improvement

Many potential first-time homebuyers get rejected because of their FICO score. When borrowers improve between FICO tiers, they will have more purchase power. LOs that act as a trusted advisor and have the conversation now can begin to plant seeds of how much buying power the borrower could have moving forward. Start having those conversations with qualified borrowers about a potential move-up scenario or other purchase activity. 

You can even set FICO score parameters in our Credit Improvement alert to predict these outcomes so that you get notified when your borrower has fixed their credit. This could very well be the best news you deliver a borrower all year. 

5f3334ec947c8a43ca360c79_product_icon-equity Equity Alerts

Equity can increase purchase power toward a down payment for an upsize or a downsize of a home, depending on the goals of the borrower. Additionally, a borrower can consider investment properties and/or vacation homes. Our intelligence is always-on, so you’ll be instantly notified once someone in your database has enough equity built into their home to help fulfill their goals. 

Icon_Cash-Out_4x (1) Cash-Out

A supercharged equity alert that considers credit and debt, this alert allows borrowers to accomplish multiple goals in one. With tappable equity at an all-time high, many borrowers can use that equity to consolidate debt, buy a vacation home, fund college, and so much more. 

By simply reviewing a borrower's mortgage and financial health using the Cash-Out alert, LOs can:

  • Provide borrowers with positive alternatives.
  • Predict their next loan and how to maximize their equity positions.
  • Relieve a borrower's financial stress and worries.
  • Stay ahead of other lenders and anticipate shifts in the market.


5f4d145237138a8d63069f46_product_icon-new-listing New Listing

 On average, there are about 35,000 new home listings daily around the country. How many of those are from within your database? Without borrower intelligence, you’re potentially letting your competition get these high-converting deals. Know the moment your borrower lists their home for sale with our New Listing alert. Not to mention, this is an excellent opportunity to throw your realtor partners into the mix.


Are you taking advantage?

As the market cools, you'll want to make sure you can handle any volatility in your path. If you aren't leveraging all of these alerts provided by Sales Boomerang, chances are you aren't armored with enough nuts and bolts to keep your business together and your pipeline full of relevant leads.  See the #1 borrower retention and conversion strategy in action. No strings. Just a conversation. Schedule your demo today.