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How JFQ Lending Found Success With the Boomerang Effect

When our customers succeed, we succeed. 

Focusing on home finance for veterans, JFQ Lending was looking for a comprehensive tool that could provide better data on leads, streamline customer acquisition, get better returns on marketing and scale up without additional investments.

In Sales Boomerang, that’s exactly what they found. Within just 3 months, John Kresevic at JFQ Lending was able to increase their ROI to 30X using automated qualified lead generation and greater monetization of data, all powered by Sales Boomerang’s advanced machine learning platform.


Artificial Intelligence for Business Growth

Sales Boomerang combines the power of customer analytics and engagement automation with borrower intelligence. For JFQ Lending, this translates to a customer acquisition funnel equipped with detailed actionable data about the customer. It also means that they don’t have to aimlessly invest in marketing and re-marketing without any quantifiable results. Now they have a platform that simplifies and automates customer acquisition. When that happens, JFQ Lending has discovered, growth gets automated.


$30M Per Month Through Sales Boomerang

For John Kresevic, President, JFQ Lending, that means $ 275 million per month by the end of Q4. He credits 10% of that volume to just Sales Boomerang. According to him, it makes the marketing dollars go further. That’s because now JFQ Lending is paying only a fraction of the cost of marketing repeatedly to the same demographics. Sales Boomerang combines Big Data and machine learning to generate automated alerts to JFQ’s loan officers who now have the exact information they need to convert leads.

“It is an unbelievable tool to pick up extra units and volume.”


It Makes Life Easy

Through automation of the entire lead generation - acquisition - up-selling cycle, Sales Boomerang has made it easy for JFQ to allocate their resources. As it requires less than 10% of its loan officers, the company can now unlock the potential of the rest of the sales force. With customized sales training delivered through CRM, it becomes easy for loan officers to make follow-up calls based on the script that Sales Boomerang provides. This leads not only to higher conversion and faster growth but greater ease of doing business for JFQ Lending.