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How AP Mortgage Found Success With the Boomerang Effect

We like it when our partners adopt our product seamlessly. We like it even better when adoption rate is over 85%. 

Michael Guidotti and his team at AP Mortgage have engaged in a long and abundant history with the Sales Boomerang team. Early on they learned the immediate value it gave to their organization. 

Michael said that,

“Success in itself you know having over 85% adoption of a tool.”

Based on consistency in feedback from his team the product is surpassing expectations. What does this mean for his team? Confidence is up and the adoption rate high.  

Home-run for the Win

Michael shares a story of a top-performing LO and how he received a listing watch alert via Sales Boomerang. This triggered an entire chain of events that hit close to home. The alert happened to be associated with a  long-time friend whom the LO had worked with in the past.

Long story short, the gentleman listed his home and hadn’t even begun the process for a pre-qualification for his next home. He secured the deal because of that solid and sound long-term relationship.

More than Just a Money Machine

Sales Boomerang is more than a CRM - it’s a robust tool that solidifies and reinforces relationships helping consumers achieve their goals. 

Michael notes,

“Every company handles clients differently but you never get a chance to make a second impression. But, our partnership mentality is different. We didn’t just sign a contract with you (Sales Boomerang) and then you abandoned us. We have a relationship with your company.”

Michael was fast to acknowledge that by working with a company that invested in resources in training LOs by offering ongoing education for his team and that if problems were to arise, the Sales Boomerang team would be there in a snap. 

A joint venture.

Just like our motto, NoBorrowerLeftBehind, the same rings true for our customers.