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How Go Mortgage Found Success With the Boomerang Effect

We like it when our partners close deals. We like it even better when these  deals directly impact their team. 

RoI, sales volume, customer retention rate—with Sales Boomerang, you know can expect these figures to really blast-off. What you may not have expected is a SaaS that is flexible to your organizations needs, with a friendly customer service team back at mission control.

Matthew Sell, Marketing Executive at Go Mortgage, was impressed from the get-go with Sales Boomerang's ability to communicate and listen.

Matthew notes, "having Sales Boomerang be open to hearing new ways of integrating systems has been amazing for us,” Matthew said.

Keeping things fresh but familiar for their sales team, Go Mortgage was able easily to integrate Sales Boomerang data into their current CRM. Even skeptics were won over after a department wide contest got them immersed in Sales Boomerang’s alerts and features, taking home prizes like TVs and Air Pods. That’s the fun, collaborative culture that exists at Sales Boomerang, and one we try to bring into the room whenever we sit down with clients.

We’re not a pizza delivery company. We don’t just drop the product at your door and drive off to the next customer—we stick around and make sure the software is working for you. Our close involvement in the implementation process at Go Mortgage helped motivate their team, and just like an overly affectionate mother, we gave Matthew a bit of comfort knowing we’d be a phone call away.

Matthew noted,

We were able to do cost analysis almost instantly…it was huge for our company!

Sleek Tech and Rapid Reporting

Sales Boomerang allowed the C-suite at Go Mortgage see conversions and other reporting in real-time. Being able to see a quick, straightforward reading of how a new SaaS is working for your business across the board can be a game changer. The Go Mortgage team had to help each other snap their jaws back into place after they dropped to the floor seeing the work Sales Boomerang was doing for them in loan application volume.

Matthew said,

These are real leads that result in real loans in your pipeline.

In short, the last time your company saw speed and accuracy like this, you were watching Lamar Jackson smoke the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. Sorry Browns fans.

Turning B2B into "BFF"

Quality business relationships help drive quantity, and Sales Boomerang became something of a love guru when it helped lenders at Go Mortgage forge close and unexpected relationships with clients.

Matthew shared a story of a branch manager in Louisiana who was using Sales Boomerang when he received a listing alert for a college classmate of his he hadn’t spoken to in years. He got in touch with his old friend and not only caught up and reformed a friendship—but closed on a sale!

Instead of letting potential borrowers sit and collect dust in a database, Sales Boomerang proactively puts them in front of your salespeople, leading to more sales and encouraging fun, approachable conversation.

Matthew said,

Not only is it an effective business tool, but it’s an effective relationship tool.

We really hate to be that friend at the wedding that brags about bringing the couple together, but that’s kind of what we do here. Through Sales Boomerang, Go Mortgage was able to connect with folks already in their community.

Our platform helps your sales team stay calmed and confident knowing they’ll have an organic reason to follow up with borrowers, while making those same borrowers feel like they’re being treated like humans and not just a column in some Excel doc.

It’s important that any business software you adopt helps you meet your bottom line, but the bottom line with Sales Boomerang is that it’s a tool built by people, focused on people.

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