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Coastal Pacific Lending


Right Time, Right Alert

Alex Luzadre, Senior Loan Officer and Branch Manager with Coastal Pacific Lending turned a $2 alert to a $440k app in 1 day! 


“Sales Boomerang sent the notification. I called, reinstated the relationship, and now this customer is in processing. This was all in one day!


IT'S AS EASY AS 1...2...3...

Mortgage InquiryWith Mortgage Inquiry Alert, we will alert you when your customers are shopping for a loan.

Sales Boomerang seamlessly integrates with your database comprised of prospects, past customers, dead deals and opportunities. Each time anyone in your database is shopping for a loan, we notify you within 24 hours with actionable-insights. 


“I was made aware through a Sales Boomerang Mortgage Inquiry Alert that a prospect of his was shopping.” 


Pablo Troncoso, our Director of Training and Adoption said it best,


"I’m not surprised that this happened because this is truly what I believe in how we train that this should happen. This literally can happen. Day 1 it can happen."


Service-Minded Mentality

We guide and train your lenders each step of the way to ensure they have the tools to succeed in each scenario. With each different notification comes a different script that your LO can use to help better serve your borrower. 


"I really like the Serving Approach. Where you ask, “What can I do for you today? Not, what can you do for me?”


Alex used our Mortgage Inquiry Alert script which is built on servicing your borrower and letting them know that you are there for them, no matter what.


Sales Boomerang Customer Testimonial

"Trust the process with Sales Boomerang. I like the scripts from a service-minded mentality. Some people don’t like scripts and they like to reinvent the wheel. I’m here to tell you that this works! This wheel is well greased and it’ll take you good places! So I would say, follow the process and keep an eye out for these alerts."


Customer success is a priority to Sales Boomerang. We share and provide best practices and resources to anyone in the lending industry. Learn more about how we help train you with access to our course: Attention to Retention