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How First Heritage Mortgage Found Success With the Boomerang Effect

We like it when our partners make money. We like it even better when they experience success.

First Heritage Mortgage’s implementation of Sales Boomerang coincided with one of the most active refinancing periods for the industry. This called for a continued and detailed analysis of existing customers, and past leads and prospects, which the platform was primed to handle.

Mining the existing database for actionable intelligence on customers, Sales Boomerang was able to provide timely and relevant alerts to First Heritage’s loan officers. With increased RoI, this streamlined customer acquisition made the sales cycles shorter and easier. 

Phil stated,

It gave focus and clarity to the loan officer team as to where they should look and what they should be doing.

Random Marketing is a Thing of the Past

Sales Boomerang combines customer analytics and engagement automation with borrower intelligence to give First Heritage an acquisition funnel equipped with detailed actionable data about the customer. This means that marketing is now contextual and relevant, and not random.

The sales team now knows when an existing or prior customer is shopping for a mortgage or refinance. When loan officers reach out at the right time with the right solution, customers are delighted.

There is no need to convince the borrower, there is no need to oversell the product. These interactions wouldnt have been possible without the machine learning-powered technology that Sales Boomerang is built on.

According to Phil, the platform turns, 

An unknown into a known refinance in a heartbeat.

Incredible Ease of Adoption

Loan officers at First Heritage have not just become early adopters but also evangelists of Sales Boomerang. They love it for its customized and timely data, daily alerts, and pre-crafted communication.

The platform provides focused leads to its loan originators that result in a higher response rate. In fact, at their meetings, loan officers urge others to use Sales Boomerang as it maximizes the potential embedded in their customer database and that too, in an unbelievably short span.

For one particular officer, all it took was a couple of minutes. As soon as he sent the text, the client got back, saying that they were pleasantly shocked. Because they were looking for an opportunity just like that to refinance.

The Right Partner for Mortgage Digitalization 

The pandemic has forced all industries to adopt a digital-first approach, and the mortgage industry is no exception. The only difference is that, unlike most other sectors, mortgage and refinance are seeing an unprecedented rise. As interests have fallen to historically low rates, homeowners are looking at possibilities to refinance their homes and save money.

First Heritage is setting record volumes every month. What it also means is that the industry is now getting used to hybrid e-closing solutions and remote online notarizations.

Even with 90% of its employees working from home during the pandemic, First Heritage is able to exceed expectations partly because of the focused customer data and alerts Sales Boomerang provides. As the mortgage industry gets more digitized, First Heritage is all equipped to handle the challenges and make the most of the opportunities.

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