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How NJ Lenders Found Success With the Boomerang Effect

We love conversions. We love it especially when we can help our customers hit their goals.

We recently sat down with Steve Grossman from NJ Lenders to discuss how Sales Boomerang has helped his business. Given the turbulent times we’re all facing right now, Steve had a lot to say regarding how our automated SaaS platform is changing the industry.

Using Machine Learning, we automate the qualified lead generation process using your current database. Using Sales Boomerang, Steve reported that when someone who scored a 640 improved their score to 660, he received an alert to reach out.

That is customer service working for you at its best. By training your loan officers to use Sales Boomerang, your customers and CRM contacts will receive more custom recommendations and useful, converting, messaging to truly help them when it comes to making the biggest purchase of their lives.

Using customer analytics and engagement automation, combined with borrower intelligence, Sales Boomerang ensures your LOs communicate and check-in with their customers at the most opportune time possible.

Imagine receiving good news from a loan officer at the exact moment you become qualified or begin shopping! Talk about fantastic timing.

As Steve points out,

You have to use tools like Sales Boomerang to help maintain and continue those relationships, be there for your customers, and manage their debt for life.

The Boomerang Effect

Steve was excited to, "eat off our database and live on the data to maintain and continue those relationships”.

Sales Boomerang is helping Steve’s business help their clients with the biggest financial transactions in their lives by keeping their communications timely and professional.

The key and the future of professional client-broker communication is knowing exactly when those clients are shopping for a mortgage or have equity in their homes.

Combining Sales Boomerang with your CRM enables you to access this priceless data and, as Steve says, “it’s plug-and-play once you have it set up”.

Steve prefers the softer approach to selling. Especially given the nature of mortgage lending, it’s nice to know that there are lenders that are looking out for your best interests and will go out of their way to contact clients when it is the best time for the client.

Sales Boomerang makes all of this possible, allowing you to provide education to your clients when they are ready to receive it and are in the best position to make big decisions regarding their spending.

How Can Sales Boomerang Help Your Business? 

Seamlessly integrating Sales Boomerang with your current CRM will instantly give your loan officers extra time to focus on client communication and closing deals that become available through your existing database and network.

Taking the guesswork out of loans at an especially critical time is has become more important than ever… especially due to the recent work-from-home boom.

And even as the work landscape regains some normalcy, who wouldn’t want this type of communication at an ideal time? Letting available technologies work for you will save your business time and will let your existing database shine on its own, for many years to come.