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How Advisors Mortgage Found Success With the Boomerang Effect

Even dedicated and hard-working loan officers can’t be expected to comb through extensive customer data and provide insights on their own, all in real-time.

Having used Sales Boomerang for 3 years, Christine McKay of Advisors Mortgage says that the platform has done an,

Incredible and tremendous job helping us tackle so many missed opportunities that we may not have been able to tackle.

Now the company’s loan officers get extremely helpful alerts based on actionable customer data in real-time. To put it another way, customer research is now always active, and oriented towards business generation.

Powered by advanced machine learning and Big Data, Sales Boomerang mines the company’s customer database to deliver timely, actionable alerts. For the loan officers of Advisors Mortgage, high-quality lead generation is now on auto-pilot mode, which increases the overall conversion rate of the company.


Dive in Head First

That’s what Christine asks other lenders to do if they’re thinking about implementing Sales Boomerang. When it gets integrated with the company’s CRM the results can be surprising.

With higher monetization of existing data and a more streamlined acquisition funnel, Advisors Mortgage is also experiencing a virtuous cycle where alerts lead to more referrals, and business leads to more business.

The various alerts that the platform generates, based on real-time analysis of customer data, are exceptionally helpful in follow-ups. All of which makes it easier for loan officers to customize their offerings and thereby increase the chances of conversion. And when that’s achieved without making additional investments on marketing, it strengthens the RoI.