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How Apex Home Loans Found Success With the Boomerang Effect

As a mortgage lender, if there’s one thing Apex Home Loans knows, it’s the value of retention. After using it for more than two years, they are extremely satisfied by Sales Boomerang’s relentless ability for automated qualified lead generation.

With high-quality data on existing customers and past leads, Sales Boomerang provides the loan officers of Apex Home Loans with focused, valuable, and real-time data that has the potential to convert.

Instead of aggressively spending on marketing, now they can find out opportunities in their database on a constant basis. When existing data gets monetized, customer acquisition gets easier and more streamlined.

For Craig Strent, CEO and Co-Founder of Apex Home Loans, this in sync with the company philosophy of retention first.

The art of customer retention 

Even for companies with high levels of customer satisfaction, customers shouldn’t be expected to reach out for additional business. The onus is not on the customer to remember and call, but the company.

Or as Craig says, “People don’t go to customer school.”

Retention is where growth lies and the key to that is relational marketing. This softer side of customer service is enhanced by Sales Boomerang’s advanced tools in customer analytics and borrower intelligence.

With such actionable data, Apex Home Loans can target customers who are predisposed to refinancing or purchasing new homes, precisely when they need the services of a mortgage lender. In other words, with the backing of artificial intelligence, customer acquisition now becomes automated.

The power of actionable alerts

Sales Boomerang delivers likely homebuyer alerts to Apex Home Loans that are based on real-time analytics and backed by machine learning and Big Data.

When it’s aided by past positive experiences, it becomes easier for loan officers to reach out, convince, and convert customers. They can also catch declining loan to values and look for opportunities through equity alerts. And with inquiry alerts, the company is sure that they don’t miss anybody. Importantly, all these are attained without the need to aimlessly indulge in marketing. 

The ideal tool for proactive companies

With interest rates at a historic low, the mortgage industry is in a hyper active mode. More and more customers are looking at either refinancing or buying new houses. There is increasing pressure on the supply side and serious competition on the lender’s side. Craig believes these are times that suit proactive companies, and Sales Boomerang is the right tool to make the most of the opportunities out there.