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How Annie Mac Found Success With the Boomerang Effect

We like it when our partners can make a difference. We like it even better when they can help out a friend.

Clients that use Sales Boomerang relish in the satisfaction that comes from instantly knowing the instant their client or prospect qualifies for a loan.

Take a quick moment to think about it. As an LO consider how you might feel when you get an alert that impacts someone you have a relationship with – whether it be family, a close friend, or an acquaintance.

Of course, there is always a story to share.

Nathan Fitzgerald an LO at Annie Mac witnessed firsthand how Sales Boomerang contributed to a meaningful experience he had with a client. 

Nathan revealed how elated he was when he received an alert that he knew would change the life of a member (and client) in his community.

One day, like magic, he received an alert that this client was in the market to refinance on their home. 


At Sales Boomerang, our mission is #NoBorrowerLeftBehind. In this case, Nathan was finally able to help his client as they would now qualify for the loan they had been seeking all along. 

Nathan jumped on the alert and as he put it, "was pumped."  

He attributes Sales Boomerang to his ability to retain business like a champ. Nathan exclaims,

“Kudos to Sales Boomerang, I really appreciate you guys and what you have been able to do to help me retain the business that I have and helped me stay on top of my existing clientele.”

Don't just take our word for it.  Watch Nathan share firsthand his love for Sales Boomerang. 

When new opportunities arise, Nathan is reassured that he can rely on Sales Boomerang - crediting at least a dozen deals to received alerts. 

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