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October 3, 2019 – MBA Newslink 

Sales Boomerang's Alex Kutsishin discusses mortgage industry trends, defines what a borrower intelligence system is, and how Sales Boomerang can help your business. 


Alex Kutsishin of Sales Boomerang on Moving Prospects into the Pipeline

"MBA NEWSLINK: Your company’s tagline–“No Borrower Left Behind”–what was the idea behind it?

ALEX KUTSISHIN: It is much more than a tagline. To the Sales Boomerang team, “No Borrower Left Behind” is our mission. The idea came from hearing all the horror stories of borrowers who were turned down or simply couldn’t qualify for a loan when they initially applied and then that borrower had to start the process all over again with another lender. That sucks! The original lender completely forgot and did not care about the wellbeing of the borrower. As a result, the borrower was left behind.

We felt that “No Borrower Left Behind” was the best mission for our company and for the mortgage industry."

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