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How Atlantic Coast Mortgage Found Success With the Boomerang Effect

We like it when our partners make money. We like it even better when they see potential revenue skyrocket. 

Atlantic Coast Mortgage didn’t expect Sales Boomerang to make an impact so quickly. In just 30 days of integrating it with their CRM, they were able to uncover hidden deals that had the potential to bring in additional revenue of $4, 350,000 per month.

Sales Boomerang’s comprehensive suite of services, including, better data on leads, actionable intelligence on prospective and existing customers, and a streamlining of the acquisition process helped the firm unlock tremendous value. 

Corey Shelton, Sr. VP of Marketing at Atlantic Coast Mortgage said,

It's a no-brainer to partner with Sales Boomerang.

$145M in Potential Revenue 

The marketing team at Atlantic Coast Mortgage has discovered that it is an unbelievable tool to pick up extra units and volume. Importantly, they didn’t have to change their existing strategy. Sales Boomerang seamlessly fits in seamlessly with their CRM to provide quantifiable results in a short span. Combining the power of advanced customer analytics with in-depth borrower intelligence, Sales Boomerang exponentially increased the RoI on customer acquisition in just under a month. The numbers say it all.

  • Opportunities through alerts - 1094
  • Mortgage inquiry alerts - 806
  • Listing watch alerts - 39
  • Equity watch alerts - 21
  • Credit improvement watch alerts - 23
  • Rate watch alerts - 14


And all these were the visible results in 30 days. Even with a 3% capture rate - which, in all likelihood, will improve - this translates to 145 million of potential revenue in a year. 

Corey adds,

You are going to position yourself at the right time and moment with the right opportunity.

0 - $2M in 110 seconds

When Big Data and machine learning generate credible and granular customer information, the results can be stunning.

A branch manager of Atlantic Coast Mortgage found 5 hidden opportunities that took him 110 seconds to turn to a $2m business. All these leads were generated from the mortgage inquiry watch.

When Sales Boomerang interacts with the CRM, it enables people to make quick engagement interactions. They are sending out emails using the templates that they already have. All of which makes the process incredibly simple.

Corey Shelton notes,

Sales Boomerang provides information to maximize value to our clients. The value proposition is so high.

A Truly Collaborative Partner 

That’s what Atlantic Coast Mortgage calls Sales Boomerang. And as a partner, it knows that long-term customer retention is better than quick wins.

The customer data that Sales Boomerang generates helps Atlantic Coast Mortgage deepen their relationships, ensuring that their retention ratio is well up to their expectations. This eliminates the need for unnecessary marketing spends and allows for the optimization of resources.

Atlantic Coast Mortgage is also appreciative of the service Sales Boomerang provides. “Something extremely rare and hard to find these days.” 

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